Welcome to the 5th meeting in the EuroNES that will take place in Florence [Website] in Sala 5, the main conference house from 14-17 o`clock Wednesday 4th of April. We have set up the following program:

14.00-15.00: Ingrid Melle will present the COST application Coffee break
15.30-17.00: Presentation results from former project and planned joint projects:
Armida Mucci / Silvana Galderisi: "Results of the ECNP Schizophrenia Network study on assessment of negative symptom".
Marie-Jose van Tol /Andre Aleman: The ITN application
Stefan Kaiser and Florian Schlagenhauf: Planned project
Ingrid Melle/ Stefan Kaiser/ Andre Aleman/ Tania Lincoln: ERA-NET application

We welcome new members, especially Pavel Mohr, Piotr Switaj, Marta Anczewska and Darko Marcinko that will be part of the COST application representing ITC countries.

Also thanks to Isabelle Butcher who have made an EuroNES profile and sent out. WE will ask her to update this for those of us who did not send in information!.
Please also check the [home page] and come with feedback at the meeting or directly to: Edith Liemburg.

Looking forward to see you all again.

Past meetings

Meeting 4
During the fourth meeting in Berlin applications for different grants were discussed. The minutes of the meeting can be found here: [Minutes].

Meeting 3
The third meeting took place at the SIRS conference in Florence. All members discussed their current work and future plans. Moreover, translations of the BNSS were discussed.

Meeting 2
The aim of this second meeting was to consolidate the network and to identify areas for collaboration across the network. For this purpose the main part of the meeting consisted of structured discussion rounds on specific topics.
The meeting took place 23rd September 2015 at Charité, Berlin.

Meeting 1
The meeting took place at the 2014 SIRS conference in Florence.