Update on EuroNES

Please find an update on the EuroNES network here.

Next meeting

The next meeting will take place during the SIRS Conference in Florence [Website].

All network members will automatically receive an invitation. People who are not yet member of the Network, but are interested in attending the meeting and/or joining the network are cordially invited to contact Ann Faerden [e-mail].

Language versions AES

we are currently putting together a list of the different language versions for all scales on Negative Symptoms. It would be really great if all members of EURONESS could take a look at the list of language versions that we have found so far [see overview] and add any versions (particularly validated and published ones but also any electronic sources for further translations) that are missing. As we would like to include these versions in the manuscript on negative symptom assessments for the special issue it would be great if you could respond within the next couple of days.