April 14, 2024


The aim of the European negative symptoms research network (EuroNES) is to provide a scientific platform for researchers and mental health professionals to collaborate on research topics related to negative symptoms, to share ideas and to enhance cross-fertilization.

Negative symptoms are so called because they are an absence as much as a presence of psychological functions, exemplified by reduction in goal-directed behavior. This may take the form of reduced interest in daily activities and in other people, which may result in social withdrawal. More specifically, negative symptoms include reduced initiative, reduced facial expression of emotion, monotone and monosyllabic speech, few gestures, seeming lack of interest in other people, inability to feel pleasure or act spontaneously. Negative symptoms can occur in a variety of psychiatric and neurological conditions (e.g., schizophrenia, depression, Alzheimers disease). They seriously compromise the ability to live independently and manage everyday social situations. The current scientific understanding of negative symptoms is insufficient, and the options for treatment fall short. This underlines the importance of new research and the development of novel treatment strategies.

The networks’ objective is to boost research into negative symptoms, promote methodological quality and enhance scientific exchange. For information about meetings, conferences and publications, please see the relevant tabs